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He is Bert. She is Fred. Together they are Bert & Fred. Logical. Bert & Fred live together, work together, play together. Preferably with freshly sharpened kitchen knives, mouse traps and darts. It may not be safe but it is certainly exciting! Bert & Fred push it to the limit – together, they create spectacular, funny and dangerous circus.


It’s about love, friendship and champagne. 

It’s about risks and blind trust. 

It's about giving everything and not looking back. 

It’s about... Bert & Fred.


With their comical and sometimes even dangerous reprises, Bert & Fred show up in-between different acts. Every time they lighten up a little bit more of their crazy ideas. A falling knife, a swinging hammer, a cracking whip… They don’t have any questions there where a normal audience has. In their last act, they flirt with the balance on a Washington Trapeze and show the audience that besides funny they’re also highly skilled.

I start to like you





Bert Loenders:


"When I was in high school, I had to fill in a questionnaire to figure out what I wanted to become.


What are your interests? What are you good at, what are you not good at? Are you skilful, creative, sociable, patient, are you a leader and another bunch of questions. Guess what?.... out of a list with 1000 professions, I ended up with:

Circus artist!


But I already knew that. I had already done my first performances, and had tasted the pleasure that comes with it. The adventure of travel, the physicality, the organisation and the reactions that you create in the audience…. It’s great!


I still find it hard to tell new people I meet that “I do circus”. “Oooh, right, circus… with the glittery costumes, the elephants and the clowns….and you live in a caravan?” The best way to explain to them what I do, is to show them! And that’s what I want to keep on doing. Show them my idea of circus. Show it to as many people as possible, all over the world!


To convince them of my work, I always try to create shows with the audience in mind. I try to work out how they think; not just give them what they want to see, but to be one step ahead of them, so I can surprise them!"


Fréderique Snoeks:

"Circus is a challenge, a lifestyle, a passion. Circus involves going through tough times only to come back even stronger. Circus is persevering but at the same time being flexible and dedicated. It’s an honest art form, and as an artist, I am convinced that this art form should reach out to entertain, touch, stimulate and above all to engage the audience!


I love to travel and discover new venues and avenues, to meet new people and to set up all our equipment for hours and be almost exhausted before the show has even begun, and then to break it all down again straight after the show, until late at night.

I love a spontaneous party after a festival, where other artists take out their musical instruments and start improvising together.

I’m in love with my passion, Circus.

I came late to circus, and to training to be a professional artist, therefore it sometimes takes me a little longer to master a new trick, but at the same time, I have a mature and strong artistic vision. I know what I want to bring on stage and what I don’t want.

But nevertheless, I still enjoy doing big events and galas, where I just follow the directions from a choreographer or production team. Hanging at 30m above the floor, suspended from a crane with a view over the world I realise that I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


Bring it on!"



Feel free to contact us, if you are interested in having us at your venue, working together with us, or if you just want to ask a question.

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Bert & Fred

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